Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't Forget, This IS Utah.

While we are trying to stay focused on atheism and relevant material on this blog, I feel it important to inform all of you readers that most of us, given our current geographical location, come from LDS backgrounds and therefore may unintentionally be bringing snippets of our Mormon histories into the content of our writings. We may even stoop to write posts specifically about the relationship between atheism and Mormonism! For shame!

But never fear. While we are interested in many things Mormon in nature, we also recognize that there are many of you out there who don't necessarily come from a LDS background, or perhaps some of you who may have come from a Mormon background but no longer wish to discuss all things Mormon. So, to all of you, be warned that there probably will be some discussion of Mormon things, but that we're attempting to not smother you in too much of that.

On that note, don't forget that this is not a closed group exclusive to atheists. Horus mentioned this in the first post, but again, we're here as a group welcoming all who are non-religious or transitioning away from religion. Or even those of you who might be trying to understand someone close to you who is currently transitioning away from religion. All we ask is for you to help us create a venue that is open to free thought and inquiry.

Speaking of Mormonism and atheism...

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