Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I understand what you are thinking, "What is a movie review doing on an atheist page?" While I'll get to that in a second I must say that "Paul" is one of the funniest Simon Pegg and Nick Forst films I have ever seen. The film takes place as two British buddies are trying to hit all of the great American UFO sites on holiday. While on the road after visiting Area 51 the two are surprised by the classically-cliche shaped alien Paul. Paul however is not a "normal" alien. Brilliantly voiced by Seth Rogan, Paul is transformed into that crazy-funny college buddy who you will never forget. The movie continues with the three, along with a newly "converted" atheist, running away from the men in black, back to witch mountain. Now the reason that I believe this film deserves a place here is because of the writers clever, albeit blatant, addition of some great parts which poke fun of religion, specifically Christianity. All in all a film that will literally make you laugh your spaceman balls off and have to reinsert your anal probes. Recommendation-See it, see it now.

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  1. Ha, now i want to see this since it has atheistic undertones. Maybe at the dollar theater with a group of us.