Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How do you identify?

As we've already put out, as a group we are open to a whole slew of beliefs and perspectives. Which is pretty cool when you think about it.

Something we've come to realize is that it is pretty difficult to find some of these groups because they're flying pretty low under the radar. So, I'm going to attempt to compile a list and a possible method of entry for each group.

Utah Coalition of Reason: One of the newest up and coming groups, UCOR is meant to eventually be an umbrella group over a number of the atheist/humanist/freethinking groups in Utah. It is still very much in the works, but has the potential to be pretty awesome. On their website you can find many of the groups I'm about to list and various links to those groups.

Atheists of Utah:"The purpose of Atheists of Utah is to create a community for non-theists (atheists, agnostics, skeptics, humanists, freethinkers, etc.) and promote non-theism by various means..." Atheists of Utah is a non-profit organization and while I've been to a number of their events, I don't actually know a great deal about them. You can go to their website and become an official paying member, or if you're feeling slightly more low-key, you can join the facebook group. No hoops to jump through, nothing private. But there are weekly gatherings and good fun to be had.

Atheists of Utah - Ogden Sect:A branch of the Atheists of Utah, this is for anyone in the Ogden area. As far as I'm aware, there is just the blog/website, but for anyone up in that area, it has lost of potential.
Atheists of Utah Valley: Ok. Obviously, this is our main group. We have this blog and then we have two facebook groups. The first is a front group that is public and anyone can join. The second is a private/secret group that you'll have to contact one of the administrators to join. Basically, if you join the first group and then talk to one of the admins for that group and they're convinced you're not a Judas, they'll let you in. Not too hard, and ultimately lots of fun because the private group is littered with fun posts and links. Plus, we have regular parties and gatherings. At least once a week. This group consists of people between their late teens and early thirties. We welcome anyone and everyone, but it a group that is mostly socially bent, providing a network for students to meet some similarly minded people.

Humanists of Utah: Another non-profit organization, Humanists of Utah is actually part of a larger organization, the American Humanist Association. They "advocate humanism among our membership and the larger community."A pretty simple way to get started with this group would be to join their facebook group.
Salt City Skeptics: "Salt City Skeptics is a social group for skeptics, rationalists and humanists in and around Salt Lake City, Utah." They've got their blog, as well as facebook group and a meet up page. I've never done anything with the Salt City Skeptics, but it looks like it has potential.
Secular Humanism, inquiry and Freethought. SHIFT is a pretty cool group located at the University of Utah that meets about once a week to discuss various interesting topics. They've got their website/blog as well as a facebook group.

SHAFT: Located at Utah State University, this is a group that will again be found a little farther North than many of the others. They aim "to promote the ideals of scientific inquiry, critical thinking, secularism, and humanist ethics on Utah State’s campus."

Utah Freethought Society: "The Utah Freethought society is a non-profit educational organization that exists to provide a community for freethinkers in the Metro Salt Lake City, Utah area through educational, advocacy, and social activities."

There are a variety of other groups and organizations in the area that are similar to these ones, as well as hundreds of organizations like this nationally and internationally. More than anything it is important to know that these groups are out there and that you can choose to identify however you'd like.  While many of these groups overlap, some of them have their specific target ages and backgrounds.

Note: If there is anyone out there who knows of a group that might want to be recognized on an insignificant public forum such as this, let me know! Thanks!

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